How do I sign up for a FREE EPICompliance Account in order to view and sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that was sent to my office from a Business Contact (through

When a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is sent from a Business Contact to another, the recipient has an option to sign-up for an EPICompliance Free Business Associate Account in order to view and sign the Agreement. Below are the steps to sign up for the Free Account:
  1. An email will automatically be sent out to the recipient as soon as its respective Business Contact creates and sends out a new BAA. The email includes brief information and a link or prompt to “Start Agreement Signature Process.”
  2. Click the provided link on the email to create a FREE Account in order to access the Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
  3. Fill out the required information, then click the "Create Business Associate Account" button located at the bottom of the screen.  
  4. Proceed to Login to your newly created EPICompliance Free
  5. The Agreement will be the first action item on the screen. Read/review the BAA.
  6. When you are ready to sign the BAA, click the "Sign Agreement" The signed BAA will automatically be reflected on both the sender and the recipient’s EPICompliance Customer Console.

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