We currently have a Free 30-Day Trial EPICompliance Account. How do I upgrade our Account from Free Trial to a Full Subscription Account?

When a customer signs up for a Free 30-Day Trial Account, this will be the Customer Console display:



In order to achieve the full benefits of an EPICompliance Complete Compliance Suite subscription which includes compliance program for HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, OSHA for Healthcare, and ACA/OIG & Medicare, an Account upgrade (from Free 30-day Trial to a Full Subscription) is highly encouraged.


In order to upgrade a Free Trial Account to a Full Subscription Account just click on the “Upgrade” button and follow the prompt that is displayed on the screen.


For questions or concerns, contact us via the following:
  • Chatbox/window on your Complete Compliance Suite screen.
  • Telephone: 877-560-4261
  • Email: support@epicompliance.com