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I encountered an Error message while attempting to take one of the Courses using a Google Chrome browser. What do I do?

If you encounter an Error message showing "An error has occurred: Error unable to acquire LMS API..." while attempting to take one of the Courses from a Google Chrome browser, kindly, do the following steps; 

  1. From the Google Chrome browser locate the browser settings.  Then click on Content settings.  


  2. From browser's Settings page scroll down to locate "Advanced" Setting. Click on "Advanced."  


  3. Scroll to locate and click "Content settings."  


  4. From "Content settings" allow the EPICompliance website (https://console.epicompliance.com) for all of the following: (1) Cookies, (2) JavaScript, and (3) Pop-ups & Redirects.  


  5. As an example of how to do instructions on step #4 above, under "Cookies," click Allow "Add" button. Then a pop-up box will appear.

    On the pop-up box add the EPICompliance URL (https://epicompliance.com/) and then click on "Add" button.

    Repeat similar steps for the JavaScript, and Pop-ups and redirects.

  6. After accomplishing the above steps, please clear Cache and Cookies (from your Google Chrome browser settings. 
  7. Close the entire browser.
  8. Open the browser again and go back to the EPICompliance login page - https://console.epicompliance.com/login
  9. Before you re-login, do a Hard Refresh by pressing on Ctrl and F5 buttons at the same time.
  10. Re-login to the EPICompliance Customer Console with your login credentials.
  11. Navigate towards the Courses, found under “Utilities > Training Center > choose the Course you intend to take.”


For questions or concerns, contact us via the following:
  • Chatbox/window on your Complete Compliance Suite screen.
  • Telephone: 877-560-4261
  • Email: support@epicompliance.com