How do I complete and accomplish the Template Forms into the correct folder?

1) Start off by clicking the Policies, Forms & Documents located 3 tabs underneath your License Number.


2) Locate the 4 Template Forms tabs underneath each Policy. These are where you will download the documents that need to be filled out and completed. Precede by clicking the Template Forms tab underneath the desired Module


3) Once you have clicked the Template Forms tab, you will see the assorted Policies, Forms and Documents for the selected Module. Locate the correct document to complete by locating the “Yes” underneath the “Fillable” & “Signature Needed” tab. Proceed to download the file by clicking the download icon located underneath the “Actions” tab on the far right of your screen. After clicking the download icon, the document should come into view at the bottom left of your screen. The document is also automatically saved to your PC's downloads folder.

PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY documents that need to be completed and uploaded are those that have a Yes under “Fillable” and “Signature Needed” tab.


4) Precede by locating the Form in your PC's download folder. Click to open the document and fill the form out accordingly. Make sure you save changes. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Reader is the preferred tool to use when opening and accomplishing these documents. 


5) Once your document is saved under downloads, go back to the Policies, Forms & Documents tab. Your next step is to add the document that saved into the “Completed Forms” database under each policy. Click onto the desired “Completed Forms” tab where you will need to upload your document.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you are uploading your documents into the correct Module.


6) Click “Upload Documents”. Continue by clicking “Choose Files” and locate your desired document(s) under your recent downloads tab. Once you have chosen the correct completed document, click “Start Uploading."


7) Your document should then appear underneath the “Upload Documents” tab. If you look to the far right of your screen you will see a “View” or “Edit” document tab. By clicking the Edit tab, opens up an “Edit Document” window which you can then allocate what folder destination you want the document to go. Click save changes after you are completely finished editing.

PLEASE NOTE: You can upload the document into as many folders as you would like, the document is not subject to one folder. 

8) Once you have est. destination and saved changes, carry on by checking the grey box located on the left-side next to your uploaded document. Once you have checked off your document you want to click the “Approve” tab which will send your document to its desired location(s).


9) After you have approved your document(s), send to the desired folder destination, you want to check your folder(s) to make sure that the document was received. Start off by clicking the Policies, Forms & Documents tab and locate the “Document Manager” Tab under “Document Management System. Click to open tab. After opening the “Document Manager” tab, at the top left of your screen you will see a License folder.



10) Once you have located the License Folder, proceed by clicking that folder to open up the sub-folders (document is default saved to General Office sub-folder). By clicking the General Office sub-folder, it takes you to the policy sub-folders (ACA, HIPAA, OSHA). Proceed by clicking the desired sub-folder which your document was saved to. If it appears to the right of your folder, your upload was successful.


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