Completing the "EPICompliance Customer Console Setup”

The “EPICompliance Customer Console Setup” tab will appear at each log in session until the information is completed. The tab can be located on the upper part of the screen displaying the phrase “Let’s get your Customer Console Configured!” with a “Click Here” button.

You may choose to "Leave the Setup" until you have gathered the necessary information. However, an organization/office will not be fully protected until the “EPICompliance Customer Console Setup” is completed.

Additional information is also provided with each tab/sub-tab, which is found on the Helpscreen located on the upper right side of the screen, to assist you in this process. Just click on the “i” icon to see the contents.

After completing each tab/sub-tab, do NOT forget to click on the "Complete This Step" button before proceeding to the next tab/sub-tab.

Only the Account Administrator from your organization will have access to this screen and will have the authority to complete this process. 

Here are the steps:
  1. After logging in to the EPICompliance Customer Console, the “EPICompliance Customer Console Setup” can be located on the upper part of the screen.
  2. Click on the button and follow the prompts as directed in each tab and sub-tabs. These are located to the left of the Customer Console Setup box, namely;
    • Account Level Setup tab
      • Billing sub-tab
    • Account Users tab
      • Add New User sub-tab
    • License Level Setup tab
      • Profile sub-tab
      • Location sub-tab
      • Mailing Address sub-tab
      • License Users sub-tab
      • Activate License sub-tab
  3. Each tab can be completed in a descending manner for your convenience and guidance.
  4. Each time you complete a sub-tab and supplied all the information needed, click on the "Complete This Step" button to save the information and mark it as completed.
  5. You may click on "Leave the Setup" if you are not yet ready to complete this process. However, we highly encourage that your office is able to finish the Customer Console Setup as soon as possible so that as a subscriber to the EPICompliance services, your office is fully covered with the Complete Compliance Suite.
  6. Once everything is properly filled out, completed and saved into the system, hit the " Complete Setup" button on the lower left part of the screen, below all the sub-tabs.


Should you have any questions or concerns, contact us via the following:

  • ​​Chatbox/window on your Complete Compliance Suite screen.
  • Telephone: 877-560-4261
  • Email: